Gradual-release urea - For dairy cows, veal calves, beef cattle, sheep and goats.

Victurea ® is a feed ingredient designed to optimise natural microbial protein production in the rumen. Practical experiences show Victurea® improves feed intake and increases milk yield.

✓   Concentrated non-protein N source
✓   Cost effective protein alternative for ruminants
✓   Improved safety due to slow release technology
✓   Free up space in the ration for other feed components

The premium quality coating of Victurea® delivers a consistent supply of non-protein nitrogen (NPN) to the rumen, optimising microbial protein production.

Victurea® slowly releases its urea core in the rumen because of its encapsulation in specially hardened vegetable fat. Its slow release matches the rumen passage rate of high-performing animals, ensuring optimal nitrogen use efficiency.

Victurea® is a highly concentrated source of NPN, equal to 247% crude protein. This makes it a nutritionally advanced and cost-effective substitution for regular protein sources.

Using Victurea generates space in the ration allowing additional energy, protein or other nutrients to be formulated, including those that are more bulky and/or economical.