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Feed Additives

Palital has a clear approach to create and design sustainable and cost-effective solutions for animal nutrition. Animal health and well-being, performance and return-on-investment are key.
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Our first priority is to provide excellent quality products. All products are designed and manufactured in our production facilities in The Netherlands. This ensures full control regarding the final products.
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Palital’s international team has prolonged experience in the needs and requirements of the industry. We are actively working with the feed industry, developing and providing their specific preferences and requirements.
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Palital Feed Additives B.V. is a basic producer of high-end additives, especially coated butyrates, gradual release urea and flavours and sweeteners.
Goal and objective: create and supply unique additives for the animal feed industry.

 Palital is a young and dynamic company with a clear focus to create and design sustainable additives for the feed industry. We are experts in butyrate concepts, stomach stable additives, flavours and sweeteners.

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