Rumen-Ready ® is a feed ingredient specifically designed to stimulate rumen redevelopment in dairy cows during the transition from dry period to lactation.

Feeding Rumen-Ready® for three weeks before calving results in a smoother transition into lactation that makes for healthier and more productive dairy cows during this critical period.

  Improved VFA absorption = decreased SARA risk

  Improved energy status = improved milk yield

  Highly bioavailable magnesium = improved calcium mobilisation

Butyric acid is scientifically proven to be a strong stimulator of rumen development in terms of increasing rumen wall surface area, blood flow and transport proteins.

Magnesium delivered by Rumen-Ready® is highly bioavailable, helping prepare the cow for optimal calcium mobilisation during early lactation.

Rumen-Ready ® delivers magnesium butyrate in a matrix encapsulated form. This formulation ensures an optimal release of both butyric acid and magnesium inside the rumen, as well as problem free handling of the product along the supply chain.

On top of supporting dairy cow health and performance, Rumen-Ready® also improves colostrum quantity and quality which gives calves the best start in life.

Learn more about Rumen-Ready® in three easy steps: (1) mode of action, (2) health and performance benefits, and (3) underpinning science.