Pellet binder

Palibind® Pro Dry CA is a high-quality binding agent for the production of pellets with optimal properties. Due to its viscosity and complete solubility in water, Palibind® Pro Dry CA can be easily distributed in the feed. This provides flexibility in application, consistent pellet quality and reduced dust. The use of Palibind® Pro Dry CA also ensures improved pressing performance, increasing the output and efficiency of the production line.

Palibind® Pro Dry CA consists of a spray dried mixture of arabic gum and sodium lignosulfonate. This results in a strong binder for optimum pellet properties and means low dosage is sufficient. As such, Palibind® Pro Dry CA can also be used in the production of highly concentrated core feeds.

Decrease in the hygroscopic properties

After adding Palibind® Pro Dry CA, the free water is repelled. The immediate result is better press performance. This is reflected in terms of lower energy consumption and higher output. Palibind® Pro Dry CA also decreases the hygroscopic properties of the feed, which significantly reduces the risk of mould formation.

The benefits of Palibind® Pro Dry CA

  • Easily distributed in feed

  • Generates consistent pellet quality

  • Low dosage level

  • Improved pressing performance and less dust

  • Higher production line output and lower energy consumption

Palibind® Pro Dry CA is suitable for use in all livestock species.

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