Intest-Plus ® for poultry

Whether you want improved bird health, better feed conversion, increased average daily gain, higher egg production, better hatching rate and/or egg quality – or all of the above – Intest-Plus® is the answer.
Intest-Plus ® for poultry

Intest-Plus® is Palital’s range of matrix coated sodium and/or calcium butyrates. Butyrate promotes the health and performance of poultry through numerous different mechanisms that are based within and beyond the gut. For more details about these mechanisms, please see the our previous article on this topic.

Palital’s patented matrix coating technique ensures that Intest-Plus® gradually releases butyrate in the intestine (Figure 1). This means that the bird benefits from the antipathogenic effects of butyrate, as well as its metabolic and physiological benefits. Importantly, the matrix coating also improves the smell and handling properties of Intest-Plus®.

Figuur 1: Intest-Plus® omzeilt de maag en geeft geleidelijk butyraat af in de darm.

Figure 1: Intest-Plus® bypasses the stomach, and gradually releases butyrate in the intestine.

The antipathogenic properties of Intest-Plus® are related to specific as well as broad spectrum actions. Butyrate limits the invasiveness and virulence of Salmonella and E. coli by downregulating their expression of specific genes. Their faecal shedding is also decreased by butyrate. The broad-spectrum activity of antimicrobial defence peptides in the gut, which are stimulated by butyrate, lowers the levels of a range of pathogens including Salmonella, E. coli and Clostridium perfringens. Butyrate supplementation has also been shown to result in better resistance to coccidial challenge.

Figuur 2: Intest-Plus® verbetert significant het lichaamsgewicht van vleeskuikens (P <0,001).

Figure 2: Intest-Plus® significantly (P <0.001) improves broiler bodyweight.

The early life of poultry is very important, therefore the supplementation of Intest-Plus® is needed as soon as possible. A sub-optimal intestinal function during this first phase of life will have a negative impact on the performance of the bird later in life. Palital’s ten years of experience confirms that the best health and performance is achieved when Intest-Plus® is supplemented already from day one of life (Figure 2).

Want to know more about Intest-Plus® and which product within the range best matches your needs? Please just get in touch to find out more.