For piglets, it's crucial that the intestinal flora develops well and rapid. Attract-Plus contributes to this development by stimulating the feed intake to prevent the weaning dip, while Intest-Plus improves intestinal health and stimulates the development of the intestinal villi.

By using Attract-Plus for sows as well, piglets will recognize the smell of the feed and start eating solid feed sooner after weaning. The use of Intest-Plus on sows seems to have a positive influence on both the number of live-born piglets and weaned piglets.

For finishing pigs, Attract-Plus can improve the feed intake of a ration with some less tasty ingredients. Intest-Plus stimulates animal performance by optimizing the digestive process.

Attract-Plus and Intest-Plus can be used individually or as a combination.

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Intest-Plus / Attract-Plus / Myco-Cure / Palibind


Because of ever improving nutrition and genetics, the performance of broilers had been improving for years. Intest-Plus can contribute to improvement of growth, feed conversion and  (intestinal) health for broilers in all types of rearing and at all levels of performance.

There are suggestions that the use of Intest-Plus for laying hens and breeding animals gives a higher laying percentage and a lower percentage of second grade eggs.

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Intest-Plus / Myco-Cure / Palibind


The first weeks of a calf's life are very important, because here the foundation of a healthy and highly productive cow is formed. Intest-Plus influences the intestine in such a way that digestion and absorption of nutrients and overall robustness are greatly improved, resulting in higher growth. To stimulate the feed intake of both the milk replacer and the transition to the first solid feed, Attract-Plus is extremely suitable.

Victurea, a gradual release urea, balances the available nutrients in the rumen of both dairy and beef cows, so that the rumen can function optimally. The formation of microbial protein will increase and the utilisation of other raw materials will improve because of an improved fermentation.

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Victurea / Liqui-MinAttract-Plus / Myco-CurePalibind


Plant-based nutrition can lead to intestinal damage and reduced growth in aquaculture. Adding Intest-Plus to the diet can eliminate these negative effects and, in addition to growth, also influence the feed efficiency in a positive way. The effect of butyrate has been demonstrated in shrimps, sea bass and tilapia.

Matching product lines:
Intest-PlusMyco-Cure / Palibind