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Palital’s feed additives for ruminants improve the health and performance of the animal, as well as increasing nutrient utilisation. This is done by beneficially stimulating development of the digestive system, improving feed intake and the use of slow-release urea. Palital has products for beef and dairy production systems, as well as for small ruminants such as goats and sheep.

Optimising growth and performance

Healthy ruminants perform better, giving the farmer the highest return on investment. Palital’s products:

  • Enhance rumen and intestine development

  • Improve (intestinal) health

  • Stimulate feed intake

  • Improve ration flexibility

  • Modulate the intestinal microflora

  • Promote cost-efficient feed conversion

  • Prevent health issues in transition cows

  • Increase milk yield

  • Improve colostrum quality and quantity

Further information is available via the below product links. A brief overview of Palital's products for ruminants can be found at the bottom of this page.


Optimising intestinal health

Intest-Plus® has a positive effect on the health of the intestine and the rumen. This is due to its ability to stimulate rumen and intestinal development and integrity in young ruminants. This enables the animals to absorb nutrients more effectively, which leads to improved digestion. Enhanced gut integrity also ensures greater resistance against pathogens. Intest-Plus® can be used in milk replacers as well as in starter feed.

Improved cow health and performance

Transition cows have a decreased rumen surface area when entering lactation, which is a result of the circumstances in the dry period. This results in limited nutrient and energy uptake during early lactation. To overcome this issue, Rumen-Ready® can be used in the close-up period. Rumen-Ready® is magnesium butyrate for stimulating rumen redevelopment. This results in better cow health and performance during calving and the lactation period, as well as improved colostrum quantity and quality.

Promote feed intake

Attract-Plus® is a range of flavours and sweeteners that promote the appetite and feed intake of ruminants. Attract-Plus® is for example very useful around the weaning period, as well as to mask the taste of less palatable feed ingredients or medication. The essential oils used in the AveMix® Microbial Regulators range can also promote feed intake in calves and have a positive effect on animal health.

Cheaper raw materials

Victurea®, a slow-release urea, is an effective way to add crude protein to the ration of dairy and beef cattle. Victurea® increases the synthesis of rumen microbial protein and can be used to cost-effectively replace larger quantities of protein rich ingredients. This also increases space in the ration, which also offers more flexibility in the choice of raw materials in the diet.

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