Sweetener concepts

To us, the most well-known sweetener is sugar. Sugar offers immediate sweetness combined with a pleasant aftertaste and neutral flavour profile.

As the industry was looking for a more economical solution, high intensity sweeteners were developed to mimic the sugar profile. The goal was to use less space in the formulation at lower costs.

The challenge was to balance the sweetness profile. Pure saccharine depressed feed intakes because of its poor aftertaste, where other high intensity sweeteners lacked the initial sweetness.

We have managed to create a high intensity sweetener by combining several sweetener components together with Thaumatin. Thaumatin is a natural, extremely sweet substance with a long lasting, lingering aftertaste.

Access to this unique component has allowed us to offer the feed industry unique sweetener concepts, suitable for all species.

We have a vast experience in designing the most optimum and economical sweetener solutions to fit your sweetener requirements.