Mycotoxin Inactivators

To combat myco-toxins in farm animals, Palital’s Myco-Cure® range of products offer broad-spectrum functionality and efficacy.

The multi-angle compositions of the Myco-Cure® product-line consist of:

  • Modified clay minerals with high absorbing properties, combined with botanicals to stimulate organ-functionality
  • Selected fermentation concepts and yeast elements with specific mode-of-action
  • Powerful preservative mixture to improve enduring effectiveness

Besides inactivation of the potentially harmful impact of polar and non-polar mycotoxins, a main functionality is to support the function of organs such as the spleen, liver and kidneys. The revitalisation effect prevents stress from oxidation and minimizes the suppression of the immune system.

Myco-Cure® Dry

To prevent mycotoxin incidences in farm-animals, Myco-Cure® Dry offers a broad-spectrum activity;  a specific and balanced formula-design to avoid the undesired causes of mycotoxin challenges and to revitalize organ-functionality.

Myco-Cure® Dry directly inactivates harmful mycotoxins by binding, adsorption and captivation of polar mycotoxins, whereas biotransformation turns non-polar mycotoxins into harmless substances. Myco-Cure® Dry indirectly supports digestion and prevents oxidative stress, Myco-Cure® is an important tool in Palital’s Intestinal Health Management concept for all farm-animals.

Myco-Cure® Plus Dry

To combat mycotoxin appearance in farm-animals, the specific design of Myco-Cure® Plus Dry offers a multi-task activity;  particular and balanced compositions to prevent the undesired causes of mycotoxin challenges, and to revitalize the functionality of crucial organs.

Myco-Cure® Plus Dry directly inactivates harmful mycotoxins by binding, adsorption and captivation of polar mycotoxins, and bio-transforms non-polar mycotoxins to harmless substances. It indirectly supports digestion, prevents oxidative stress, strengthens the animal’s immune response. Myco-Cure® Plus Dry promotes the function of the liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys in all animal species.