Butyrate concepts - For swine, poultry, veal- and rearing calves, and aquaculture

Butyrate: The Clean Growth Promoter

Butyrate is a scientifically established essential ingredient to stimulate the integrity and normal function of the intestinal tract.

Butyrate the key energy source for the intestinal villi, and plays a vital role in balancing a healthy  intestinal flora. Butyrate promotes healthy growth, feed efficiency and stimulates the intestinal immune system. With an intact and well-balanced gut, the animal is more resilient to pathogenic bacteria.

Although the value of butyric acid is well established, it cannot be applied directly because of volatility and smell. This is why the formulation into butyrate salts and subsequently into suitable feed ingredients. In our production facilities we manufacture both sodium butyrate and calcium butyrate. All available in either deodorized film-coated versions as well as stomach-stable matrix-coated versions. Custom-made combinations, concentrations and appearances complete the butyrate product line. With this unmatched selection of butyrate you can find the right product to deliver the right product for your animals, through your supply chain.

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