Flavour and sweetener concepts

Aromas are known to attract the animal to the feed. They provide the finished feed with an identity. Flavours however, add a corresponding taste to the aroma. It is essential to combine both; attract the animal to the feed, and at the same time, stimulate their appetite and improve feed intake.

It is Palital’s objective to provide novel flavour and sweetener-solutions to the animal feed industry, designed on the basis of efficacy, product-performance, strong product-identification and economical application. Process-stable flavours and sweeteners, with a long-lasting powerful aroma and taste.

The over-all experience and expertise of Palital’s staff in the flavour and palatability sector counts over 50 years. This ensures our customer base to receive tailor-made proposals and product designs, in line with their expectations.

We design, manufacture and provide the most optimal and economical flavour concepts, fully adapted to the specific characteristics of finished feeds, pre-mixtures, concentrates and milk replacers.

The Attract-Plus range also contains products which are (combined with) sweeteners: Attract-Plus Sweet.