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Palital offers a range of nutritional additives to optimise poultry performance. The range includes butyrates, enzymes and microbial regulators. Palital’s products support the development of a good digestive system and optimal intestinal health. This contributes to the improvement of health and performance of broilers and laying hens, as well as other types of poultry.

Optimizing poultry production

The best return on investment for producers comes from healthy birds that perform to their optimal potential. Palital’s products:

  • Optimise growth and feed conversion

  • Promote (intestinal) health

  • Strengthen the gut barrier

  • Modulate the immune system

  • Decrease mortality

  • Positively influence laying performance

  • Help manage coccidiosis

Further information is available via the below product links, and a brief overview of Palital's products for poultry can be found at the bottom of this page.


Improved poultry performance

Better nutrition and genetics have improved the potential performance of broilers. Use of Palital’s butyrate containing Intest-Plus® products, can contribute to achieving this potential. Intest-Plus® improves growth, feed conversion and (intestinal) health in both slower growing and conventional broilers. Trials also indicate that the use of Intest-Plus® in laying hens and breeding stock results in a higher laying percentage and fewer lower grade eggs.

Fewer antibiotics

In poultry production, there is a need to decrease antibiotic usage. To promote growth, Palital offers AveMix® Microbial Regulators as an attractive alternative. This product range includes concepts based on medium chain glycerides and/or essential oils. AveMix® Microbial Regulators support bird health through their targeted antimicrobial activity. As well as the obvious benefit of decreasing pathogen challenge, the burden associated with inflammatory responses is also reduced.

Enhanced nutrient use

AveMix® Enzymes are a broad range of powerful enzyme concepts that increase the digestibility of nutrients in all types of feed. In the case of non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) fibres, this results in decreased digesta viscosity and optimal nutrient absorption in the small intestine .