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Palital & Aveve Biochem will continue under 1 brand: Palital

Palital and Aveve Biochem now move forward under a single brand name: Palital

Leuven & Velddriel, 9 april 2021 – Arvesta, the full-service partner of both farmer and horticulturist, and the parent company behind the strong Aveve Biochem brand, remains committed to international growth and therefore fully acquired Palital, a specialist in feed additives, at the beginning of January 2021.

This acquisition aligns fully with the strategy of both Aveve Biochem and Palital to continue their international growth. Palital’s products are complementary to Aveve Biochem’s range, allowing both product families to strengthen one another. To reinforce this growth strategy, Aveve Biochem and Palital will now operate under a single brand name: Palital.

Guy Janssens, director Feed Additives & Specialties at Arvesta.

Guy Janssens, director Feed Additives & Specialties at Arvesta.

“Palital is a well-established name in additives that, together with the slogan ‘Clean growth’, will help us to achieve our growth plans in the coming years. We would like to integrate both brands as soon as possible,” commented Guy Janssens, Director Feed Additives & Specialties at Arvesta. “This means that the Aveve Biochem brand will be integrated into the Palital brand, while retaining our strong product name AveMix, which has been well established in the market for over 15 years with a proven track record. This will enable us to offer our customers an even better service and more extensive portfolio.”

With performance, return on investment, animal welfare and health as key words, the “clean growth” concept is highly compatible with Palital. Long-term investments in product innovation and customer relations paired with uncompromising quality are an integral part of Palital’s sustainable philosophy.

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