Victurea creates space in ruminant diets!

Farmers and nutritionists face ever evolving pressures from legislation, innovations and social pressures. It remains quite a puzzle to design ruminant diets that meet the needs of the animal on one hand, and also meet the societal demands and economic constraints on the other.

For example, look at the phosphate limitations we face in Europe. Our mix feed industry has taken the initiative to reduce phosphate in animal feeds, which has resulted in a significant reduction of phosphate emission. It has also put new constraints on diet formulation.

Another example is the so-called VLOG certification of feeds, that guarantees them to be free from genetically modified ingredients. Being able to certify the milk under VLOG can help the dairy farmer to strengthen his market position. This has led to a need for GMO-free feed ingredients that also fit the bill nutritionally.

Soy has come under ever increasing scrutiny for the environmental effects of its production overseas. As a response, more and more initiatives are looking to European produced sources of protein.

Victurea, the inhouse produced gradual-release urea by Palital, gives you more degrees of freedom to select feed ingredients and still meet the commercial and environmental requirements. Victurea is a highly concentrated source of Non-Protein Nitrogen (NPN). It contains the equivalent of over 250% Crude Protein. This creates space in the diet, while adding zero phosphate and being guaranteed GMO-free.

Victurea can help you put the right raw materials into your feed. Please contact our sales managers for more information and/or a tailor-made advice.