Sodium butyrate in weaning piglets’ diets stimulates intestinal health

Sodium butyrate in diets for weaning piglets plays an important role in restoring intestinal tight junctions. This has an add-on positive effect on maintaining gut integrity. Tight junctions are protein structures holding the cells in the epithelial wall of the gut together. They protect the body from large (undigested) particles to move across the epithelial […]

EuroTier 2014

For Palital EuroTier was a resounding success. The booth was exceptionally busy with many visitors from around the world, who all made positive comments about the new brand identity and the booth itself. The launch of new products, Intest-Plus SC40, Intest Plus Quattro and Victurea stimulated interest and plenty of inquiries for information, and other […]

Celebrating a 5th year’s milestone

At EuroTier 2014 PALITAL proudly presents its new corporate identity, with a fresh, dynamic and striking company logo. Founded in 2009, PALITAL has rapidly created a name in the field of feed additives and is recognized as a reliable manufacturer and supplier. A flat hierarchy, a committed customer orientation and reliable products are convincing more […]

Palital at VIV China 2014

Palital Feed Additives presented its core innovation concepts for dairy cows at VIV China 2014. Together with its local representative, Palital received a high level of interest for its product lines Fatrix (rumen-bypass Methionine, rumen-bypass Choline) and Victurea (gradual-release urea). Besides the focus on the Chinese dairy industry, Palital’s Business Manager Martin Enderink reported a […]