Palital is becoming independent

Palion has acquired the remaining shares from their joint-venture partner Bewital. Germany, Südlohn-Oeding, 1.6.2018 Untill recently, the company was a joint-venture between Henry van den Bighelaar (Palion) and the Bewital group. As from the 1st of June 2018, Palion acquired all shares from Bewital. Palital is a prominent manufacturer of feed additives such as coated […]

GDPR 25th of may 2018

From today, the General Data Protection Regulation (hereafter: GDPR) came into effect. Palital has set up a privacy statement. You can read this by clicking the link below: Privacy Policy

Victurea creates space in ruminant diets!

Farmers and nutritionists face ever evolving pressures from legislation, innovations and social pressures. It remains quite a puzzle to design ruminant diets that meet the needs of the animal on one hand, and also meet the societal demands and economic constraints on the other. For example, look at the phosphate limitations we face in Europe. […]

Palital has its own Lab!

In 2017 Palital set-up of a fully equipped laboratory at our butyrate production site. This enables us to analyse our own products frequently and independently, helping to contribute to the optimization of our production process. As well as helping us to further fine tune our current portfolio, it will have a primary function in the […]

Palital partnered up with Feed Design Lab!

Palital has become a partner of Feed Design Lab: the research & education centre for innovation and sustainability of the animal feed industry. Here, feed & technology companies work together internationally, in an open innovation network, to achieve a sustainable animal production chain. To achieve this, a production facility has been created, where research on […]

Palital doubles production capacity of butyrates

Palital feed additives, manufacturer of additives for animal feed, doubled its production capacity of butyrates in January this year, to meet increasing demand for its products. The butyrate, sold under the brand name Intest-Plus, is one of the main products from the Palital range. Henry van den Bighelaar, Managing Director, explains: “The demand for butyrate […]

Clean Growth

Palital Feed Additives means clean growth, the individual animal’s growth and the growth of the livestock industry. We work with our customers to grow their business by using molecules that are proven by science. What we like to discuss is simple: what works for animals and why. Ultimately, that’s what makes animals and our industry […]

Palital Velddriel The Netherlands

A new reactor in the plant and a new office

Were sales increases production rises. Due to the increasing demand for the butyrate concepts of Palital, the production capacity was no longer sufficient to cope with the demand. By installing an additional reactor in the plant in Velddriel, the production capacity of butyrate concepts will more than double. Palital is growing out by integrating the […]