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Rumen-Ready: magnesium butyrate as the optimal form to support transition cows during this critical period.
Rumen ready

At EuroTier 2018, Palital Feed Additives launches Rumen-Ready, a feed ingredient specially designed to stimulate rumen re-development in dairy cows during the transition period, a period that enables the dairy cow to reset her metabolism after lactation and prepare for the arrival of the new calf. During this period her metabolism shifts into a lower gear, and so does her rumen. Although this is a very necessary pit-stop, starting up again can be quite troublesome.

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After calving, the cow immediately requires much more feed than she received during transition. The rumen is not immediately ready to handle so much extra feed. Too aggressive feeding regimens can cause rumen acidification. The alternative risk is that too slow feeding regimens can leave the cow with too little energy, which can lead to lower milk production. It is well known that butyrate is the strongest natural signal in the rumen for ruminal wall development. In recent years it was proven that additional butyrate supplemented via the feed can stimulate the rumen wall to redevelop during the transition phase. Palital Feed Additives has developed Rumen-Ready as a butyrate formulation specifically for ruminants.

Magnesium Butyrate

Classically, butyrate comes in the form of a calcium or sodium salt. However, the cow cannot handle any extra calcium or sodium. Too much of either would give rise to metabolic problems in the long and the short term. That is why Palital now launches magnesium butyrate especially for ruminants. It avoids excess calcium or sodium, it becomes available in the rumen without the need for digestive enzymes, and it supplies extra magnesium which helps to prevent milk fever in the transition phase.

Palital Feed Additives develops, produces and markets specialty feed ingredients. Based on well-established science we select proven ingredients. We then formulate them into products that give optimal ease of use in handling and processing, as well as delivering the ingredient at the right place at the right time within the animal. A clean way of improving growth, health and performance.

Meet us at EuroTier

Interested to learn more about the use of butyrate to stimulate rumen development in the transition period? Come and see us at EuroTier in Hall 3, booth B32, or contact your sales representative.

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