AveMix® XG 10 – Proven improvements in feed efficiency

AveMix® XG 10 – Proven improvements in feed efficiency In the current context of sustainability and the explosion of feed ingredient prices, the focus is more and more on optimizing the utilization of feed and nutrients by animals. However, in common feed raw materials the nutrients have limited availability for absorption by the animal. This is because nutrients and energy are naturally trapped within plants by non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) fibers. Poultry and pigs do not produce enzymes […]

AveMix® MC12 – The solution to boost weaning piglet health and performance

AveMix® MC12 – The solution to boost weaning piglet health and performance At weaning, piglets suffer from social, environmental and nutritional challenges. The resulting stress can significantly impact the immunity and general health status of weaning piglets. This is why they are more sensitive to pathogens, for example Escherichia coli and Streptococcus suis. Approaches to […]

AveMix® MC12 – The solution to Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria

AveMix® MC12 – The solution to Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria Weaning piglets are subjected to a lot of different challenges and stresses. This has negative consequences on their performance and health status. For example, Streptococcus suis is one of the numerous pathogens that has a global significant impact on piglets. For a long time, Antimicrobial Growth […]

Intest-Plus® takes the stress out of weaning

Intest-Plus ® takes the stress out of weaning Weaning is the greatest challenge encountered by a piglet in its lifetime. Piglets are confronted with numerous different challenges including social, environmental and nutritional changes. These result in reduced feed intake as well as other biological responses to stress. This leads to the onset of intestinal inflammation […]


Intest-Plus® for poultry

Intest-Plus ® for poultry Whether you want improved bird health, better feed conversion, increased average daily gain, higher egg production, better hatching rate and/or egg quality  – or all of the above –  Intest-Plus® is the answer. Intest-Plus® is Palital’s range of matrix coated sodium and/or calcium butyrates. Butyrate promotes the health and performance of […]

Intest-Plus ® modes of action in the gut and beyond

Intest-Plus ® modes of action in the gut and beyond Over ten years of research at Palital, we have validated the unique benefits of Intest-Plus®. Intest-Plus® showed an improved disease resistance and a better gut health. Animal trials showed increased growth, improved feed conversion ratio, higher egg yield, higher hatchability, better carcass traits, less post-weaning […]

The science behind Rumen-Ready ®

The science behind Rumen-Ready ® Rumen-Ready® is magnesium butyrate formulated for slow release in the rumen of transition dairy cows during the dry period. It is well established that butyric acid promotes gut development in young calves, but why feed butyric acid to a mature ruminant? In this article, we discuss this and the science […]

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Palital & Aveve Biochem will continue under 1 brand: Palital

Palital and Aveve Biochem now move forward under a single brand name: Palital Leuven & Velddriel, 9 april 2021 – Arvesta, the full-service partner of both farmer and horticulturist, and the parent company behind the strong Aveve Biochem brand, remains committed to international growth and therefore fully acquired Palital, a specialist in feed additives, at the […]

The benefits of Rumen-Ready ®

The benefits of Rumen-Ready® The benefits of Rumen-Ready ® for transition dairy cows has been confirmed in field trials performed in several different countries. After feeding Rumen-Ready® for just three weeks before calving, milk performance was improved in all trials (Table 1) and animals were more resistant to the different challenges they faced during the […]

Get your transition cows ready, with Rumen-Ready®

Get your transition cows ready, with Rumen-Ready® Rumen-Ready ® is a feed ingredient specifically designed to stimulate rumen redevelopment in dairy cows during the transition from dry period to lactation. Feeding Rumen-Ready® for three weeks before calving results in a smoother transition into lactation that makes for healthier and more productive dairy cows.  ✓  Improved VFA […]