The effect of butyrate on Salmonella

Peggy Vervenne, Bart Boomsma Palital, Velddriel, the Netherlands Salmonella Introduction As a result of new European regulations, all member states of the European Union have to implement monitoring and control programs for Salmonella in poultry (European Parliament and European Council, 2003a, b). In laying hens, vaccination can reduce shedding and egg contamination (Davies and Breslin, […]

Magnesium butyrate in dry cows

Magnesium butyrate in dry cow nutrition for improving rumen development and feed intake during lactation start-up. High-yielding dairy cows need to be maintained at the highest feeding standards to ensure high milk production and optimal health. During the dry period, the feed intake is lowered and the metabolism is slowed down. This gives the cow […]

Entrepreneur of the year

Henry van den Bighelaar entrepreneur of the year

On Thursday, January 31, Henry van den Bighelaar, managing director of Palital, won the award for entrepreneur of the year Bommelerwaard; The region where Palital Feed Additives is located. The jury report “Every consumer wants a clean, reliable and safe piece of meat on his plate, and Palital is well on its way to conquer […]

Visit us at EuroTier

Palital Feed Additives will be present at EuroTier 2018. 13 – 16 November, 2018 Please visit us at hall 3 – booth B32 And learn all about our newest innovation: Rumen-Ready! See you in Hanover, Germany!    

Rumen Ready

Get your dry cows prepared!

Rumen-Ready: magnesium butyrate as the optimal form to support transition cows during this critical period. At EuroTier 2018, Palital Feed Additives launches Rumen-Ready, a feed ingredient specially designed to stimulate rumen re-development in dairy cows during the transition period, a period that enables the dairy cow to reset her metabolism after lactation and prepare for […]

Butyrate reduces impact of heat stress

Palital, Velddriel, The Netherlands Heat stress Introduction Heat stress is a major cause of lost production and reduced profits in tropical and subtropical areas. Virtually all birds and most commercial livestock, farmed in hot and humid countries, are genetically derived from strains originally bred in the cool climates of Europe and North America and therefore […]

Palital is becoming independent

Palion has acquired the remaining shares from their joint-venture partner Bewital. Germany, Südlohn-Oeding, 1.6.2018 Untill recently, the company was a joint-venture between Henry van den Bighelaar (Palion) and the Bewital group. As from the 1st of June 2018, Palion acquired all shares from Bewital. Palital is a prominent manufacturer of feed additives such as coated […]

GDPR 25th of may 2018

From today, the General Data Protection Regulation (hereafter: GDPR) came into effect. Palital has set up a privacy statement. You can read this by clicking the link below: Privacy Policy

Victurea creates space in ruminant diets!

Farmers and nutritionists face ever evolving pressures from legislation, innovations and social pressures. It remains quite a puzzle to design ruminant diets that meet the needs of the animal on one hand, and also meet the societal demands and economic constraints on the other. For example, look at the phosphate limitations we face in Europe. […]