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How it all started

Palital has a rich history as a manufacturer of high quality feed additives. It is our goal and objective to create and supply quality additives for the animal feed industry that add value. To meet industry needs, we create and manufacture our products in our own manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands. This ensures full control regarding the design and quality of the final products.

Palital is GMP+ certified and meets the requirements of the HACCP system. Furthermore, Palital’s international team are experienced in the needs and requirements of the industry world-wide.

History overview

In 2021 Palital merged with Aveve Biochem, a feed additives and specialties company with a strong scientific and practical know-how in enzymes, medium-chain glycerides and essential oils for the animal nutrition industry.

By combining our knowledge and expertise, we can now offer a complete feed additives program.

Together we continue to create history...

Palital Feed Additives B.V.
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5334 LH Velddriel (NL)

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