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Gradual release urea

Urea is an attractive non-protein nitrogen (NPN) source to supplement a deficiency of rumen protein. This is because urea can improve the production of rumen microbial protein. However, the urea must be supplemented in such a way that it is slowly released in the rumen in order to decrease nitrogenous waste. As such, Palital has developed Victurea®: a core of 87% urea encapsulated in hydrogenated vegetable fat (13%). Victurea® gradually releases its urea in the rumen after consumption. The slow-release technology allows the rumen bacteria to convert the urea into microbial protein more efficiently. This ensures better urea utilisation compared to feeding with “unprotected” urea.


Cost-effective choice

The main reasons for using Victurea® in the ration of ruminants are:

  1. An alternative to expensive protein sources
    The urea content of Victurea® correlates with a potential protein content of 254%. This means that 100 grams of Victurea® can replace 600 grams of soyabean meal with a protein content of 42%. Due to this, the amount of expensive protein sources included in the ration can be decreased.

  2. Maximise microbial protein production

    Corn-rich diets are often deficient in rumen ammonia, which suppresses microbial protein production. This shortage of rumen ammonia can inhibit livestock production. Supplementing the ration with Victurea® provides the rumen microbes with extra ammonia for the formation of microbial protein.

  3. Increased safety & N efficiency

    The use of “unprotected’’ urea results in peaks of ruminal ammonia as it is instantly available in the rumen. This causes rapid loss of nitrogen via urine, milk and manure. Furthermore, if ammonia peaks are extreme, ammonia toxicity may also occur. The slow-release technology of Victurea® overcomes these issues by providing a more stable ruminal supply of ammonia.

  4. To create space within the ration
    Victurea® is a highly concentrated nitrogen source and, therefore, creates space for other nutrients in the ration. A more concentrated diet for highly productive animals can be used to achieve better performance. Victurea® also makes it possible to choose other more attractively priced raw materials in the ration, particularly those which are bulkier.

  5. Stable & dependable
    Unlike plant derived protein sources, the composition of Victurea® is very stable. This makes it a reliable and dependable product to include in ruminant rations.

Victurea® can included in the ration of any animal that has a functional rumen.

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