Expansion of Arvesta product portfolio through takeover of Palital

Arvesta’s Acquisition of Palital Broadens Product Portfolio into Butyrates – INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES

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For Arvesta, and more specifically for its AVEVE Biochem brand, it has been an exciting few months. Arvesta known as expert in the enzyme market, the acquisition of Palital has enabled them to expand their product offering. Their first step into new markets is Rumen-Ready, magnesium butyrate product they are patenting for dairy cows for use in the dry period, but they also continue to invest in the development of their enzyme portfolio.

Acquiring Palital was a key strategic development for our company as our product groups are complementary and this move supports our plan for growth.Palital is a feed additives company that has “clean growth” as a baseline which really reflects our vision for the livestock industry. Like Palital, our products have sustainability at their core with a focus on reducing the usage of antibiotics, improving feed conversion efficiency, and decreasing pressure for deforestation by replacing soya with slow-release urea. We believe Palital’s products are innovative and exciting to add to our business and Rumen-Ready is a clear example of this.

Combined, AVEVE Biochem and Palital, realize an annual turnover of 20 million euros and this acquisition has allowed us to grow our brand. Moving forward we have a strong ambition to increase our commercial presence. The acquisition of Palital has given us new in-house production facilities, novel and innovative products and a worldwide sales network and this makes us very excited for the future.

FeedInfo spoke with Dr Hans Christoph Wagner, Sales Director from Aveve Biochem and Mr Henry Van den Bighelaar, Founder of Palital to understand more about what this acquisition means for these businesses.

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