AveMix® XG 10 – Proven improvements in feed efficiency

AveMix® XG 10 – Proven improvements in feed efficiency In the current context of sustainability and the explosion of feed ingredient prices, the focus is more and more on optimizing the utilization of feed and nutrients by animals. However, in common feed raw materials the nutrients have limited availability for absorption by the animal. This is because nutrients and energy are naturally trapped within plants by non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) fibers. Poultry and pigs do not produce enzymes […]

AveMix® MC12 – The solution to Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria

AveMix® MC12 – The solution to Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria Weaning piglets are subjected to a lot of different challenges and stresses. This has negative consequences on their performance and health status. For example, Streptococcus suis is one of the numerous pathogens that has a global significant impact on piglets. For a long time, Antimicrobial Growth […]

The effect of butyrate on Salmonella

Peggy Vervenne, Bart Boomsma Palital, Velddriel, the Netherlands Salmonella Introduction As a result of new European regulations, all member states of the European Union have to implement monitoring and control programs for Salmonella in poultry (European Parliament and European Council, 2003a, b). In laying hens, vaccination can reduce shedding and egg contamination (Davies and Breslin, […]

Butyrate reduces impact of heat stress

Palital, Velddriel, The Netherlands Heat stress Introduction Heat stress is a major cause of lost production and reduced profits in tropical and subtropical areas. Virtually all birds and most commercial livestock, farmed in hot and humid countries, are genetically derived from strains originally bred in the cool climates of Europe and North America and therefore […]