Arvesta takes participation in Palital

Arvesta takes participation in Palital in order for both companies to focus on international growth

 Leuven & Velddriel, 12 May 2020 – Arvesta, the full-service partner for farmers and growers, remains committed to international growth and therefore signed a letter of intent with Palital at the end of January 2020 to take a stake in this Dutch specialist in feed additives. On 30 April 2020, this intention was confirmed and Arvesta officially acquired a 30% stake in Palital Holding and Palital Feed Additives.

Based in Velddriel (the Netherlands), Palital develops and manufactures high-quality additives for the animal feed industry. This organisation is a young and active company, active worldwide, with about forty employees and a clear focus on creating sustainable additives for the animal feed industry, both locally and internationally. They are experts in butyrate concepts, gastric-stable additives and flavouring agents and sweeteners.

This participation is fully in line with Arvesta’s and Palital’s strategy for further international growth. Dirk Van Thielen, Business Unit Director Animal Nutrition at Arvesta: “We look forward to this collaboration and especially the expansion within Animal Nutrition in order to be able to grow further internationally together with Palital in the field of ‘additives and specialties’ with innovative products that offer a high added value.” The intention is to work closely with Aveve Biochem that focuses on enzymes, essential oils and mid-chain fatty acids. Palital’s products are complementary to Aveve Biochem’s range so that both ranges can reinforce each other. “We are convinced that this collaboration with Arvesta will enable us to grow faster internationally,” says Henry van den Bighelaar, Managing Director Palital.

In view of the 30% participation, Palital will continue to operate independently in its daily operations and the current management of Palital will remain responsible for defining and implementing the policy. This involves close cooperation between Arvesta, and AVEVE Biochem in particular, and Palital, wherein each company will continue to pursue its own course, but will focus on joint opportunities.

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