Whether farming shrimps, sea bass, tilapia or other species - Palital's products will help to achieve the best results on your farm. Our products contribute to improved nutrient utilization, (intestinal) health and production performance in a wide range of commercial aquatic species.

Making aquaculture perform better

Healthy fish and crustaceans provide an optimal return on investment due to their improved performance. Palital's products:

  • Optimize growth and feed efficiency

  • Balance the intestinal microflora

  • Stimulate the immune system

  • Help overcome issues with plant-based diets

  • Enhance health and reduce mortality

Further product details are available via the below links, and a brief summary of Palital's products for aquaculture can be found at the bottom of this page.


Protection and recovery of intestinal health

Butyrate is an essential and proven ingredient to protect and restore intestinal health as well as strengthen the gut defensive barrier. Intest-Plus® delivers the multiple benefits of butyrate. This includes healthy growth and improved feed efficiency whilst beneficially stimulating the immune system. With a balanced and healthy intestinal system, fish and crustaceans are more resistant to pathogens.

Enhance feed efficiency and performance

When using high inclusion levels of plant-based feed ingredients, the issue of undigested non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) fibers needs to be addressed. NSP fibers are anti-nutritional factors which impair growth and limit feed utilization. AveMix® Enzymes enables this effect to be overcome, resulting in enhanced performance and health of fish and crustaceans.

Balance intestinal microflora

High performing aquaculture species are sensitive to pathogens and infections. AveMix® Microbial Regulators help to prevent pathogen development and to fight against Vibrio and white spot syndrome virus. This enhances the general health status and survival rate of fish and crustaceans.

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