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Palital offers nutritional additives for pigs which lead to enhanced feed utilization and optimal animal performance. This is because Palital's products contribute to the development of a strong immune system, improved digestive system, and good intestinal health. Our products also stimulate feed intake, particularly around weaning, as well as enabling development of a healthy intestinal flora.

Improving pig performance

Healthy pigs perform better and provide the farmer with the greatest return on investment. Palital's products:
• Stimulate the development of intestinal villi
• Optimize intestinal health
• Promote a strong immune system
• Help piglets to consume solid feed
• Enable palatability issues to be resolved
• Improve digestion
• Increase the availability of feed nutrients

Further product information is available via the below links, and a concise overview of Palital's products for pigs can be found at the bottom of this page.


A good start for piglets

For piglets, it is crucial that their intestinal flora develops quickly and optimally. Weaning piglets are subjected to a lot of different challenges and stressors. Using Attract-Plus® during early life stimulates feed intake, and can help prevent a weaning dip. In addition, AveMix® Microbial Regulators balance the intestinal microbiota and help combat pathogens, such as Streptococcus suis. This results in improved health as well as supporting performance.

Stimulating piglet feed intake in sows

By giving Attract-Plus® to sows, the piglets will recognize the smell of the feed after weaning. This stimulates piglets to take in sufficient solid feed as soon as possible after weaning.

More piglets per sow

The use of butyrate products from the Intest-Plus® range has a positive effect on sow intestinal health and immunity. Benefits of this include an improvement in the number of live-born piglets as well as an increase in the number of weaned piglets.

Appetizing feed for fatteners

With Attract-Plus®, the palatability of rations for fattening pigs can be improved. This allows inclusion of less palatable raw materials in the rations whilst maintaining, or even improving, feed intake.

Optimizing intestinal health and feed digestion

Intest-Plus® stimulates the digestion and immune system of fattening pigs. Complimentary to Intest-Plus®, the use of AveMix® Enzymes improves nutrient digestion and absorption in the animal by overcoming issues associated with non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) fibers. As the pigs optimally utilize their rations, this results in cost-effective feed utilization and improved animal performance.

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