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At Palital we offer a wide range of feed additives for different animal species. Find out here which solutions are suitable for you.



Palital offers a range of nutritional additives to optimise poultry performance. The range includes butyrates, enzymes and microbial regulators. Palital’s products support the development of a good digestive system and optimal intestinal health.


Palital offers nutritional additives for pigs which lead to enhanced feed utilization and optimal animal performance. This is because Palital's products contribute to the development of a strong immune system, improved digestive system, and good intestinal health.


The aim of Palital’s ruminant feed additives is to improve the utilisation of available nutrients. This is done by stimulating the development of the digestive system and improving health. The additives ensure that the animals have a well-coordinated ration.


Palital additives for fish farming contribute to the optimal utilisation of nutrients and ensure better results. Whether this is for the farming of shrimps, crustaceans or sea bass, Palital's feed additives for aquaculture will help you achieve a better return.

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