Our story

Palital is a feed additives and specialties company with strong scientific and practical know-how, particularly in coated butyrates, gradual release urea, enzymes, medium-chain glycerides and essential oils, and flavours and sweeteners for the animal nutrition industry.
Palital Head office

One team
High quality feed additives and specialties for animal nutrition have been our passion for many years.

Palital’s international team closely collaborates with several Arvesta companies with a focus on the exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise. Because we know that with joined forces, we will achieve more.

Together with our Arvesta colleagues, we work on the agriculture of the future, helping you make the difference.

Arvesta – a home of experts
Arvesta is a group of over forty strong brands and companies including AVEVE Biochem. Backed by an established global network, Arvesta is the leading full-service partner in Belgium for farmers and growers. It operates in the animal nutrition, agricultural, horticultural, machinery and flour sectors. Arvesta is a genuine centre of expertise and builds on its knowledge every day.

It is our priority to provide the industry with high quality products, always delivered in time. All incoming raw materials are purchased from known and predetermined supply chains. A strict quality protocol is in place to assure the quality and physical properties of the finished products. An in house system is in place, to assure full track and traceability. Our own production facilities in the Netherlands allows full control over design and quality. All employees are experienced in industry requirements and wishes.

Palital is GMP+ certified and meets the requirements of the HACCP system.