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Palital is a manufacturer of high-quality additives. Our goal? To create and produce unique additives for the animal feed industry.


At Palital we believe in 'Clean Growth'  - creating highly effective and commercially appropriate solutions with major contribution to sustainable food production and animal welfare.

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Latest publications

December 13th, 2021

AveMix® XG 10 – The concept to overcome NSP fiber associated issues

AveMix® XG 10 is an effective feed additive that overcomes the anti-nutritional issues associated with NSP fibers. The guaranteed high enzymatic activities of AveMix® XG 10 results in increased nutrient utilization and production performance.

November 4th, 2021

AveMix® XG 10 – Proven improvements in feed efficiency

AveMix® XG 10 is an EU approved feed additive that improves nutrient digestion and absorption in the animal by overcoming issues associated with NSP fibers. This results in cost-effective feed utilization and improved animal performance, with the option of improving feed formulation economy.

October 1st, 2021

AveMix® MC12 – The solution to boost weaning piglet health and performance

AveMix® MC12 is an effective prevention tool for the challenges that occur in the weaning period of piglets. AveMix® MC12 improved the feed conversion efficiency and health of weaning piglets.

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